Inaya Graciana Yusuf is a Southeast Asian American artist and filmmaker based in New York and Oregon. Raised in between Indonesia and United States, she is drawn to striking social, economic and cultural issues across the globe. Her mission is to pursue indigenous and global storytelling through the art of cinema. She aims to give voice to the causes, people and culture that otherwise are left unnoticed.

In 2013, she established Slow Your Roll Films specializing in documentaries, branded content and live action films. Her works have participated in film festivals throughout United States, Central and South America, Europe, Asia and Canada. Her clients include production companies and non-profit organizations that produce content aimed for broadcast at platforms such as BBC, PBS, NETFLIX, ESPN FILMS, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, FOX SPORTS NETWORK, NBC NEWS, SHOWTIME, HBO DOCUMENTARIES, VICE, and YAHOO!, some of which has had a theatrical distribution. She has worked under the supervision of acclaimed directors, editors and director of photographers, and has contributed to several historical, biographical and environmental feature length documentaries, as well as online web-based series. She continues to refine her craft through multiple collaborations, freelance work and individual projects respectively.

Inaya is currently working on her first feature length documentary, The One and The Many taking place in Tuscany, Italy. Additionally, she is also developing two new short documentaries, directing a live action short film and a pilot for TV/Broadcast.